Dear child,

I’m not sure where to begin except to say I wish I could prepare you for what you’ll experience in life. Words can’t describe the anguish I feel knowing I’m powerless to help you right now, but I would protect you if only I could. You are going to be hurt, your innocence stripped away, taken. Sadness envelopes me as I write this, but I have to tell you that strangers won’t be the only ones to hurt you. People you trust will harm you, but you can persevere. Know that you will need all the strength and courage you can get, but the abuse is not your fault. You will overcome all the pain and loss. What happens to you will not define you. God is with you, next to you, feeling your pain with you. Know that help will be available when you least expect it, appearing as angels when you need them the most. It may not feel like it’s enough, but the help you receive will be enough, always just enough, even if barely so. One day, you’ll understand and forgive. If I could take this all away and preserve you in safety, I would. That’s not possible so I pray you have faith that everything will work out eventually. Do not be afraid. Tell your story. Tell your story repeatedly. Tell it until someone listens to you.

I love you,

Your adult self.



Crimes Against Boys: Through Abuse to Purpose ©

Kris A. Bertelsen, Ph.D.