Welcome to the Upstart Resilience blog! Thank you for checking it out. Having shared parts of my personal story with fellow trauma victims (along with educators, advocates and law enforcement professionals) over the years, many people have said, “You should write a book.” So I did. The working title is Traumanomics, Crimes Against Boys: Through Abuse to Purpose. I’m working on finalizing the book, and it should be forthcoming in 2019-2020.

But we’re writing this blog, too. Because when it comes to recognizing, treating and de- stigmatizing trauma, there’s much more to cover than what fits between two book covers.

Part of my story includes a 27-year-old unsolved cold case and a reopened investigation that I was able to assist in, which ultimately led to an arrest. If you’re interested in learning more, the Peabody Award winning podcast, In the Dark, SEASON 1 walks listeners through the Jacob Wetterling Case. https://www.apmreports.org/in-the-dark/season-one

Our Purpose
The purpose of this blog is to share part of the journey, the effects, and insights I’ve gained along the way. More importantly, this blog is intended to give survivors permission to share their own stories—providing hope for them to thrive.

Trauma is an individual experience, and no two stories are the same. For example, the events I endured during my childhood and adolescence were my “normal.” This included being involved with solving a notorious child abduction case that started in my hometown and ended nearly 30 years later. It also included other mental and physical abuse.

Whatever trauma you or a loved one has experienced is just as real, just as vivid, and just as valid.

What to Expect
In this space, we’ll be sharing excerpts from my upcoming book, commentary, along with research and expert analysis on trauma science and psychology that you may find helpful. In addition, I’ll include highlights from a new podcast I’m launching with Jordan Howard, a therapist who has specialized training in trauma therapy and has worked intensely in treating both chemical and process addictions. In the podcast, we’ll discuss a wide range of topics emphasizing healing, change, and growth for abuse survivors. We’ll share stories and commentary of resilience and healing in a caring and lighthearted way, bringing attention to issues of abuse, addiction and the effects on individuals and society. Drawing from personal and professional experiences, we discuss issues openly for those in helping positions such as parents, educators, health and mental health professionals and members of law enforcement.

Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us or email me here, comment below, and connect with Upstart Resilience on LinkedIn and Twitter @upstartres.

Thank you again,